THE ADVISORS - (formerly, CMC-CHATTERJEE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS GMBH), was established by Alo Chatterjee in 1998. He came to Germany in 1971, completed a Bank-Traineeship with a German Bank and subsequently finished college. Later, he studied Industrial Economics, Business Management and Marketing.
After obtaining his degree, Alo worked for US Investmet Banks in Germany focusing on Corporate Finance sector. He was awarded Power of Procuration.

Later, Alo joined one of the Big Five consulting companies and focused on Corporate Finance business. He was Member of the German Management Committee.

Also, Alo worked as Managing Partner for one of the leading German Consulting Firms, specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) business.

Since 1998 Alo is self-employed and specializes in M&A.

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