The ADVISORS, (formerly known as CMC-CHATTERJEE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS GMBH) was established by Alo Chatterjee in 1998, who came to Germany in 1971. He completed his Bank-Traineeship with a German Bank and later completed his college. He studied Business Management and Marketing, completing his degree in 1978. Alo, originally an Indian national, maintains excellent business contacts to top companies in Europe and India

After completing his degree, Alo worked for US Investment Banks in Germany, in the corporate finance sector for several years. He was awarded power of procuration. Later he joined one of the top consulting companies worldwide. His activities were mainly focused to the corporate finance sector. He was member of the German Management Committee.

From 1994 till 1998, Alo worked as one of the Managing Partners for a German Consulting Company, focusing on corporate finance business.

Alo established CMC GMBH in 1998 as a limited liable company, registered in Germany.

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